Bulk SMS with API, Sender ID & Delivery Reports

Text message delivery service providers offering facilities of sending bulk SMS with sender ID, bulk SMS sender ID and bulk SMS delivery report are tools in forming low-cost marketing strategies. SMS is the best way to reach the customers and the cost of SMS is quite low compared to other form of advertising. In the busy world of today when many other advertising media are failing to generate impact and customer attention, SMS is the direct approach and can generate result. This is something that the customers are never going to ignore as the platform is something that is kept with them no matter where they go and that is mobile phone.

SMS Marketing with Sender ID

The concept of SMS marketing came into being quite inadvertently when aggressive marketing professionals started using text messages as a marketing tool. Many marketing executives would use their monthly mobile phone balance credited to them by their employers sending text messages to the customers they were pitching or following-up. These executives gradually noticed that they were leading their sales teams due to the personal connections they maintained with their customers via text message or SMS.

Marketing personnel, who have carried this habit all through their entrepreneurial journey even before their companies adopted SMS marketing as a strategy, have always stayed ahead of their competitors.

Need for the Day: Today, when bulk SMS is getting abused, the following are strongly needed:

Get Your Own Sender ID: One must get his own sender ID in order to have a separate identity and to personalize his bulk SMS. The text messages being sent can be made to appear personal to the customers by mentioning their names in the body of the SMS. The customer service phone number of the company or a personal mobile number of an executive should be used as sender ID instead of just using the company name like all companies generally do.

Use an API with Ease: Sending of bulk SMS in an effective and hassle-free manner depends upon how good the API is. One should use that API which can be used with ease. Application Program Interface or API is a set of tools, protocols, and routines for building software applications. An efficient API makes it easy and convenient to develop a program by supplying all the building blocks. It is then the job of a programmer to put the blocks together. Most operating environments provide an Application Program Interface enabling the programmers to write applications in consistence with the operating environment. Despite the fact that APIs are designed keeping programmers in mind, APIs are eventually good and helpful for users because APIs guarantee that programs using a common API is going to have similar interfaces. Thus, users can learn and use new programs more easily.

Delivery Report in Seconds: Instantaneous delivery reports enable the sender of bulk text messages know the status of the messages that have been sent out in an easy and understandable format. Moreover, the sender can download delivery reports into a MS-Excel worksheet for more profound analysis. All senders of bulk SMS can avail of this facility irrespective of whichever tool they have been using. Delivery reports like “Message in Queue” or “Message Waiting” are temporary states. These reports eventually turn to reports stating “Delivered”, or “Undelivered, or “Expired” or “Rejected”. The sender is charged by the service provider for all messages except for those “Rejected”. The reason behind this is that the infrastructure and network of the operator are used in an attempt to deliver the text message/s. All GSM handsets as well as networks support delivery reports.

Advantages of Smshorizon's Service:

Our BulkSMS service with sender ID is flexible. The time of issuance, content, quantity, and area are flexible and can be easily controlled. A bulk SMS sender enjoys this certain and cost-effective mode of communication as a bulk SMS delivery report assures him that the messages have got delivered to the intended recipients.

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