Bulk SMS Promotional Services for Hotels & Resorts

Indian hospitality industry that includes hotels and resorts has emerged and experiences high demand during all seasons & Bulk sms promotional services will be perfect fit for marketing. Hotels and resorts have always been linked to the prospects of the tourism industry. This industry is highly sensitive fulfilling the needs of tourists yet having an elevated occupancy levels. Generally the marketing means of hotels and resorts was with the use of internet and social media advertisement. Although this sector shows regular interest towards advertise or promote business through conservative methods, it has now adapted to newer technology to improve its services.


Bulk SMS Promotional Services for Hotels & Resorts in India

Hotel and Resorts are gearing up to increase their business even during off peak seasons with the use of SMS Technology. This takes up to next level by using mobile advertising effectively. Through mobile marketing we can reach to target customer very easily as compared to other marketing strategies which is restricted to few masses. Not just for Promotional activity, Bulk SMS will lead to proper communication channel and helps in bridging the gap between customer and hotels.


  • Enrich guest experience
  • Reach a large scale of people
  • Increase in profit
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency


  • Advertise special offers to targeted customers
  • Advertise on various packages and events
  • Promote about the special facilities available
  • Saving on feedbacks and suggestions
  • Updates on room availability, vouchers, discounts and service inquiries.


  • The best method in marketing to nail at competitors edge.
  • Cover larger group cost effectively
  • Easy and flexible methods
  • Time saving and provides instant up to date information
  • Building good relationship with customers

Travelers are increasingly relying on their phones while traveling, exposing a huge opportunity for hoteliers to connect with their guests and provide superior customer service. A timely and apt message to the customers are very efficient and be of effective utilization. Fast, simple and reliable messages will ensure overall business growth and development. With the use of SMS technology, Hotel and Resort industry can scale up the next level of promotional activity.

A SMS has the power to strengthen customer service and makes information-based services more accessible to customers. . Hotels and resorts needs to adopt SMS text messaging into their marketing initiatives that boast positive results in the form of reduced costs, operational efficiencies, and better communication by being able to connect with customers anytime, anywhere. By implementing SMS based initiatives, it offers a new way to develop deeply connected relationships with existing guests and the ability to leverage those relationships to achieve broader market success.

Send Exam Results via SMS to Reach Students Instantly


Send Exam Results via SMS to Publish Results Faster

It is quite normal to get into whole range of feeling before and after exam results. This gets to lot of expectations and pressure until the results are known. Getting exam results, especially for big tests like the ones at the end of high school, is a stressful experience. Although, no exam result is so important that it will stop you achieving your goals in the long term, it is primary in few cases like group exams, entrance exams etc. Handling of pressure during the release of results is wholly relied upon the means by which the results are announced.

Regular conventional methods to know the results is, to rush to the institutions to check in the notice board or by getting the results in newspapers the next day. The development in internet usage has helped to know the results in easier way by checking in the respective websites to know the results. In any of these ways the waiting time to know the results is high which leads to an increase in stress or anxiety.


Mobile technology in recent advancement and SMS is the best means to convey the messages especially to send exam results. Bulk SMS services will be the most reliable means to send exam results that can be obtained instantly. SMS servicing is the simple and easy means to convey exam results as these messages drop into the pockets, immediately right after announcement.

For educational institutions who constantly suffer from budgetary constraints SMS helps save precious resources. No more stacks of paper lost in the bottom of backpacks or beneath leaf piles on the playground. No high set-up costs or installations of new technology.


  • The results can be sent instantly right after the announcement.
  • It is the simple, easy, quick and reliable means to reach everyone
  • The moment of pressure, anxiety and stress is eliminated
  • With cost-effective method it can reach large group of people
  • Without any restrictions or constraints the messages just reaches wherever you are.

SMS is the means of modern communication and a marketing tool used in most of the industries. It is now stepped into educational sector to serve on various purposes like reminders of exams, cancellation of classes/lectures, announcements, sending notifications and even personalized messages. The experience to obtain exam results is always too stressful and by that order sending exam results through SMS is the best convenient way for both the parties with its reliable means.

Get Leads at No Cost With Missed Call Services

Missed Call Service

Missed Call Service – SmsHorizon

Missed call service is one of the leading tool used for marketing to get the real time notifications of calls used for business applications. The service will help in facilitating communication with customers and feedback from them at the point of sale via missed call. Enables you to reach the customers instantly and get the leads easily just through our missed call services.

It is designed to cater for various organizational needs depending upon specific task required to be achieved. Missed call service provides an array of services for all classes of the business.


The following are the applications where missed call alert services are of highly useful and a platform that leads to various services.

  • To receive coupons, discounts and offers at the doorstep, simply through a missed call
  • User registrations are done through missed calls.
  • For enquiry or other communication services, missed call alerts are used that are used to call back.
  • Alerts and subscription can be made using missed call services
  • Customers will enjoy information pulling because it’s completely free.
  • Online polling campaign can be done using this services
  • Connect to the customers obtain their opinion survey in real time using missed call alerts.
  • Knowing the fraudulent practices, it is necessary to perform verification using this alerts to curb such menace.
  • Customer feedback, customer ratings can be collected using missed call services.
  • Call back request by giving missed call is the most cost effective call to action.



  • E-Commerce
  • Banking
  • Social Networking Site
  • Financial Services
  • Education
  • Hotels, Restaurants and resorts
  • Travel & Tourism
  • FMCG
  • Financial Services
  • Retail

Today, mobile marketing campaigns, especially the ones asking consumers to place a missed call, are seen as the fastest and the most non-intrusive way of building one-on-one relationship with consumers who are exposed to a lot of deceptive advertising. This leads to big business services on small business budget. A missed call was once a business missed but now get lead at no cost with missed call alert services. It helps to never miss the valuable potential customer calls.