Service Updates

Performance Upgrade: Experience the Speed of SmsHorizon

Greetings from SmsHorizon!!

We’ve upgraded our infrastructure few months back to meet the growing expectations of our customers like you who love the speedy services.

Our messaging service is now faster than ever before.

== Key Performance Areas ==
Higher Throughput: No more long queues on Outbox
Faster Delivery: 3-7 Secs on single hit (5-10 Secs earlier)
Faster Reports: DLR Reports/DND Refunds in 5-10 Secs (1 Min – hours earlier)
⚡ Instant API Response: 0.02 Sec/hit (0.7 Secs earlier, yes baby! huge boost here)

This update improves below services:

What it means is, you can upload 1 Lakh sms in few seconds,
get them all delivered, along with reports within ~15 Mins. Sounds good?

Not just that, we can increase the Throughput on demand if you expect to send higher volumes.

Traveling in Metro and wondering what the sent sms statistics looks like? No worries,

What’s more? Reach your customer faster this !! New Year 2017 !!
Login to your account to experience the speed now.

Now Access Your Smshorizon Account on the Go

Greetings from SmsHorizon!!

For the first time in India, you can now access your A/c via mobile anytime, anywhere.

All you need to do is,
Type any keyword mentioned below & send the sms to 97-6555-6555

===== Keywords =====
BAL: To get your available balance
RESET: To reset your A/c password
STATS: To get stats of the sms sent on same day
CALLBACK: To get a quick callback from our support team
ESC: To Escalate the issue to the management.
OFFERS: To know available offers on your account.

For Example,
To know available credits on your A/c,
Type BAL and send the sms to 97-6555-6555 from your registered mobile number.

For your info:-
This interactive system works on our Virtual Mobile Number service,
You may also create interesting apps for your business using our virtual mobile number or using a Dedicated VMN of your own choice.