Service Updates

Now Access Your Smshorizon Account on the Go

Greetings from SmsHorizon!!

For the first time in India, you can now access your A/c via mobile anytime, anywhere.

All you need to do is,
Type any keyword mentioned below & send the sms to 97-6555-6555

===== Keywords =====
BAL: To get your available balance
RESET: To reset your A/c password
STATS: To get stats of the sms sent on same day
CALLBACK: To get a quick callback from our support team
ESC: To Escalate the issue to the management.
OFFERS: To know available offers on your account.

For Example,
To know available credits on your A/c,
Type BAL and send the sms to 97-6555-6555 from your registered mobile number.

For your info:-
This interactive system works on our Virtual Mobile Number service,
You may also create interesting apps for your business using our virtual mobile number or using a Dedicated VMN of your own choice.