Bulk SMS Service Provider in UttarPradesh

Bulk SMS Service Provider in UttarPradesh

SMS marketing is crucial for businesses to attract more customers nowadays. If you want to send bulk SMS to your customers in UttarPradesh, SMSHorizon offers reliable SMS gateway services. We are a trusted bulk SMS service provider in UttarPradesh across cities like Lucknow and Kanpur, ensuring successful communication with your intended audience.

Signing up for our bulk SMS service can greatly benefit your business beyond your expectations. If you have used SMS services before, you already know their advantages. Our service provides a range of options for you to leverage, including:

Transactional SMS

SMSHorizon helps you send different kinds of text messages, like Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS, which businesses often use to talk to their customers.

Transactional SMS are messages sent to customers to give them information or a service they asked for. They can be used for things like confirming an order, updating customers on payments, telling them about their account balance, reminding them of appointments, updating them on deliveries, and more.

Here are more technical details & pricing of our Transactional SMS Service.

Promotional SMS

If you have a business and want to attract more customers with effective marketing campaigns, we have a Promotional SMS service that can help. Our Promotional SMS gateway service is a great tool to communicate with your customers through text messages.

Businesses and organizations use our Promotional SMS service to advertise their products or services to potential customers. These messages are sent with the goal of boosting sales or generating leads, which are potential customers who are interested in your business.

Here are more technical details & pricing of our Promotional SMS Service.


Irrespective of whether you send Promotional or Transactional SMS, you may use our SMS API services to send messages from your API and even track the delivery status over API.

SMS API enables businesses to send automated, real-time text messages to their customers directly from their own software or application. Here are more details about our SMS API Service.

Other Services

In addition to our transactional and promotional SMS gateway services, we provide various other services in Coimbatore as well as throughout PAN India. Below are some of the additional services that we offer:

  • Voice Calls: to send Promotional or informational Voice calls
  • Missed Call Service: to capture missed calls from customers
  • Long Code Service: to capture incoming SMS and respond automatically using outbound SMS services.

Our above add-on services can be availed alongside our SMS services to further enhance your ability to connect with customers as this integrated approach can help to improve customer engagement.

SMS Service in UttarPradesh

sms gateway in uttarpradesh

Our bulk SMS package lets you send transactional or promotional text messages to your customers using either an API or our panel. This helps businesses communicate directly with their customers in a personal way, making them feel appreciated. This personalized connection through SMS can be very valuable for businesses trying to engage with their audience in a meaningful way.

Got any queries? Reach out to SMS Horizon – the leading Bulk SMS Service Provider in Uttar Pradesh.

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