SMS Long Code in Karnataka, Voice Call Services in Karnataka

SMS Long Code service in Karnataka

SMS Long Code service in Karnataka

Promoting your business in the best way has a major implication in the overall performance and growth of your business, and a SMS Long Code can be a lot helpful for your business in this regard. You need to stay connected with your customers in order to be the first choice as a service provider, and the SMS long codes just make this easier for you.

SMS long code numbers which are commonly regarded as Long Codes are special numbers that normally come with 8 digits and is shorter in length than a telephone number. These special numbers which are primarily used by the businesses are accessible globally and they offer the scope to the businesses to have a unique number for communicating with the clients.

Voice Call and long code Services

Similar to bulk sms provider in karnataka Voice call services also play an important role in maintaining customer communication for a business. These services are fully automated and they come with pre-recorded answering systems, which enable the company to communicate with the customers without sparing the time of an employee.

The voice calls services are widely used across the world for collecting feedbacks, lead generation, informing customers about new services, knocking customers about their bill due dates, and a number of other purposes. However, in order to reap the best benefits of the service, it is essential that you avail the service from a prominent voice call service provider who can offer you the best flexibility and the lowest charge.

The Karnataka voice calls service can be the ideal to fit into all these requirements. These companies nurture customer friendly terms and conditions, and they offer individualized service as per the requirements of the clients.

These voice calls services also offer long codes; so if you are looking for a business partner that can work as your one stop customer communication solution, you can surely opt for Karnataka voice call service providers who also work as a Long code provider in Karnataka.

Types of long code Services

As mentioned earlier in the services provided in bangalore,  the SMS long codes used for the purpose of communicating with the customers has two different varieties which are used by the business as per their specific requirements.

Dedicated long code

The dedicated long code for SMS ensures that the specific number or combination of keywords is used only by a single company or enterprise, which can confirm a single company as the owner of all the content sent from that specific number, and can be a great way to differentiate your brand SMSs from the bulk messages.

Shared long code

On the other hand, the shared long code is used by a number of companies together, and is often used for staying connected with multiple overseas clients. These services can be customised with welcome notes and other features as per the requirements of clients.