Long Code SMS and Voice Call Services in Bangalore

With the rapid advancement in the arena of technology, businesses have adopted a number of technology driven ways to boost their marketing and communication strategies, and the long code sms Bangalore services is a glowing example of that. SMS long code numbers which are commonly known as long codes are unique numbers assigned to a particular brand or company or a group of company. These numbers are normally shorter than a complete telephone number and offers global accessibility. You can buy long code sms services from the telecom operators or your ISP. There are a number of prominent Long code provider in Bangalore, who can offer you long code services as per your specific requirements.

SmsHorizon Long Code number

SmsHorizon’s Long Code number to Receive Incoming SMS

Why do you need a long code?

Having a unique long code number dedicated only for your enterprise certainly bears a lot of value. At one hand, it differentiates your brand campaigns and information sent to the mobile of the customers from other un-important messages or spams, and on the other, the dedicated long code number works to build your brand value in the eyes of the customers. Another unique facility of the long code numbers is that, it enables your customers to send a query without any added charges for the service, which can be no doubt helpful to make your interaction with the customers even more seamless. Generally, Long code service is used to receive the sms with your keyword, to send sms, you need “Transactional SMS” service.

Dedicate and shared long codes:

A dedicated long code is a long code owned by a particular company for their sole use. It is only a single company with that particular code that it can use as a number for communication, until the service is cancelled. Dedicated long codes give you the scope to use keywords in your number and also offer you better control over routing the inbound as well as outbound messages. On the other hand, a shared long code is shared by more than one company, there might or might not be a restriction on the upper limit of the companies using that particular shared long code. This kind of shared service is often used to stay in continuous connection with offshore clients, and can be customised with welcome messages.

Voice call services

Voice call services on the other hand are a software supported service which is often used to boost the marketing campaign and customer interaction of a company. Voice call services enable the companies to call on the landline or mobile number of the customers and interact with them through pre-recorded voice messages. The system is completely automated and can be highly effective for lead generation or for notifying customers about the services or due dates of bills. You can avail Bangalore voice calls service at a very reasonable price from the voice call service providers of Bangalore.

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bangalore

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Your Reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bangalore – Smshorizon

If you are looking out for a cost effective way of marketing, the bulk sms Bangalore services can offer you the best solution. Improving the communication with your customers, and informing them about your latest services, products and offers is really important in order to boost the growth of your business, and by using the bulk SMS services you can easily reach your customers across every part of the country within seconds. The high popularity of bulk SMSs in business promotion can be attributed to its effectiveness and also the low cost it incurs. Bulk SMSs are sent directly to the mobile number of the customers from a single source. The service does not require physical presence of a staff, rather a pre-recorded message as per the requirements of the business is sent to the bulk of customers through an automated process. The system is very quick and ensures immediate delivery of the messages. These services can also be customized according to the specific requirements of the companies.

SmsHorizon: The Reliable Bangalore SMS Provider:

In order to get the best results from your SMS campaign it is essential that you avail the service from a prominent sms service provider in Bangalore. The renowned services of the place maintain perfect infrastructure for offering the most sophisticated and technologically advanced services to the clients. Other best part about these services is that, they offer fully individualized service as per the requirements of the companies. The clients always need not to opt for long term contracts in order to avail the bulk SMS services, rather they can avail the service as and when required.

The Bangalore bulk sms service providers understand the requirements of the clients through thorough discussion, and design the best plan according to the marketing goals of the client. It helps the companies to spend only for the service which they really need, this also helps in cost minimization and on the other hand improves the effectiveness of the service. Bangalore and different areas located in the periphery of Bangalore have quickly developed as one of the most prominent IT hubs of the country, and you can get some of the best Bulk SMS service providers in the region. These services nurture an extremely friendly and flexible customer service to ensure that each and every client gets the best service with least hassle and spending minimum money. So, for companies looking out fortechnology driven marketing solutions within budget, can surely opt for the Bulk SMS services available in Bangalore.

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