Bulk SMS Marketing Services in Bangalore

bulk sms marketing in bangalore

Bulk sms marketing in Bangalore

SMS Marketing is an effective marketing tool and we at SmsHorizon deliver the best form of sales conversions that cannot be got from any other marketing strategy.

Bangalore is the fifth largest metropolitan areas in India and known as “Silicon Valley of India” because of its role as the nation’s leading information technology (IT) exporter. It is the home for many educational and research institutions and also the major economic centers in India.

With its peak of growing stage, Bangalore is to choose the best and reliable marketing tool and SmsHorizon, the famous mobile marketing agency in Bangalore have the complete SMS campaign system that includes planning, targeting and implementing the high volume companies. SMS marketing helps to stay in touch and to connect and maintain continuous communication.

Why SmsHorizon?

SmsHorizon helps to unleash the power and effectiveness of SMS Services in Bangalore. We provide services to various industries that include commercial, industrial, educational etc. This newest form of advertising helps to maintain the brand and promote their products and services to existing or potential customers via mobile phone.

SmsHorizon gives a simple, easy and reliable and most importantly cost effective solution which works for varied application.

We offer SMS services to send out alert messages, updates, greetings, personal invitations, product details, offers, launches, campaigning messages, polls, crucial notifications, student information and many more messaging services.

SMS Marketing in Bangalore

sms_marketing_reachSmsHorizon, a leading SMS provider in Karnataka  provides efficient and effective SMS services, that industries can save cost as well as time in managing their promotional activities. Our SMS services in Bangalore are the best choice for you to enhance your business activities and increase more opportunities and avenues for your business to reach goal successfully.

We realize that technology plays an important role in the marketing industry and to ensure highest level of quality service along with reliability and service assurance, SmsHorizon offers outstanding SMS servicing in and around Bangalore.

Benefits of SMS Marketing in Bangalore

  • Being a fast growing metropolitan city, marketing requires fast and effective that allows to reach large number of people at any time anywhere.
  • While maximum percentage of people are busy working in shifts, SMS Services will get straight to point making them know what they exactly want and making it easy to read will benefit both the customers and business.
  • Targeting the right group of people can be of greater advantage to the business
  • Time is crucial’ for a busy city like Bangalore and SMS Marketing saves a lot of time by sending SMS to large number of people as it is easy and simple process.
  • The best thing about SMS Marketing is to perform a variety of task and spread vide ranges of messages.

As technology improves, industries will opt for situational opportunities like Bulk SMS Marketing that emerges to be smarter modes of communication.


SmsHorizon will help you to boost your sales capturing prospects as well as existing customers. In short, we are reliable, cost-effective, affordable, quick delivery and constant customer support to provide in Bangalore.

Mobile Marketing Agency in Bangalore, India


Best Mobile Marketing Agency in Bangalore, India – SmsHorizon

SMS Horizon is one of the leading Mobile marketing agency in Bangalore, and we provide SMS Marketing activity using mobile phones which is the latest marketing tool adopted in various industries. Mobile marketing is the smart way to market and stay in touch with your customers irrespective of time and location. Over past few years, SMS is popularly used for business purposes over these TV, newspapers or magazines.

Mobile marketing is expanding rapidly and in a city like Bangalore it is highly important to reach messages at right time and also without wasting the quality time of customers. If you dint start to use this tool then you’re already losing behind your business competitors. So join hands with SMS horizon and use the future of marketing. It is not just the rise of mobile phones we stick to this marketing tool, but recent reports say that a message sent it likely to be read within 4 minutes. Isn’t that a good timing to reach your offers, news, updates, notifications, and alerts to your customers.

Mobile Marketing best practice to get started with:

  • Mobile_marketing_agency_indiaThe messages you send are short and crisp. The words are clear and content so that customers will directly get straight to point and act accordingly. It is as simple as to keep your messages simple.
  • In this competitive edge, it is the smartest way to choose a different marketing tool. Such experimentation’s will attract your customers and have an interest.
  • You can set goals and start your marketing activity and benchmark your results. There will definitely be a substantial development right away.
  • This is a direct marketing and hence the response level will be greater compared to any other means of communication.
  • In a urban city like Bangalore, people are busy with their work and it just going to take seconds to deliver your messages and minutes for them to read. So either way it is time efficient.
  • With low budget on marketing you can cover a larger group of people and have clear benefits out of it.
  • By sending personalized messages you can stay in your customers mind which is also an indirect means of marketing

With all these benefits of Bulk sms marketing it’s the right time to get started with mobile marketing and maximize your business opportunities in Bangalore, India.