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5 Reasons to use Bulk SMS Service for your Business

Reasons to use Bulk SMS Service
5 Reasons to use Bulk SMS Service for your Business

If you’re new to bulk sms service and still wondering why you need to consider using bulk sms for your marketing and transaction needs, this article may certainly help you. Here are top 5 reasons why you need to use bulk sms service for your online (or) offline business. 

Send lakhs of messages – In a click

Send bulk SMS – In a click

With bulk sms service, you could send lakhs of messages in a single click. If you’ve the data in excel file, simply you need to copy paste it on the web panel, type the message and hit send, or you can upload excel file as well.

While not all service providers allow you to send lakhs of sms at once, you should certainly be able to send more than 50,000 sms in a single shot with most.

We at SMShorizon, allow sending sending even more than 1L sms in a shot and it delivers all of them in a breeze. You can use it for services mentioned below:

  1. Promotional SMS
  2. Transactional SMS

For ex, if you send 1L sms, usually all of them gets delivered in under 15 mins and your reports should be ready instantly. 

Send Automated SMS via API

Send Bulk SMS via Api
Send SMS via API

If you’re a programmer or a business owner willing to take advantage of automation, our api is there to serve you, when you need it. 

You can send a single message or bulk message via our APIs, as you please. 

We at SMShorizon, use a simple & user friendly http sms api for your automation needs. You can also check delivery reports via api or allow us to send reports via webhook instantaneously as we receive the reports from operators.

Reach Customers Instantly

Reach Customers Instantly via Bulk SMS

One of the biggest advantage of sms over email or other channels of communication is that you get customers to see your message almost instantly. 

The open rate of SMS is lot higher than email as well which makes lot of sense. Here are some stats:

  • Number of times people open their phones: 150 times/day
  • SMS Open rate: 99%
  • SMS Response Rate: 19%
  • Compared to email: Its lot better

Capture Responses Instantly

Just like sending bulk sms, you can also receive sms from your customers instantly using long code and short code services which are basically virtual mobile numbers. This is useful to take feedback from customers or even to programmatically interact with them just like a chat bot, without you being active to monitor them. You have all possibilities under one roof.

At SMSHorizon we provide both shared long code and dedicated long code services along with the short code services to receive sms instantly online. 

Measure Results

bulk sms delivery reports
Bulk SMS Delivery Reports

With delivery reports available in matter of seconds as you send, you can act on optimising your marketing or other business flows to get better returns on your spend. 

Infact you can even automate this as you can have the reports over the air through api, so you can program your application to react as you wish, based on the real-time instantaneous reports you get from us. 

Significance of Bulk SMS Service

To put all the above in short, have a look at below significance of various aspects discussed above:

Reasons to use Bulk SMS ServiceIts Importance
Send Bulk messages – in a clickVery High
Send SMS via APIVery High
Reach customers InstantlyVery High
Capture responsesHigh
Measuring resultsHigh


As you see, the advantages of using bulk sms service is immense for businesses of all verticals such as banking, automobiles, hotels, schools and lot more. 

If you’re interested in exploring our bulk sms service, feel free to register for a free account with complimentary sms credits to get you started in next 60 seconds or less. Sign up now to proceed with the trial account creation.

Website SMS Integration Using HTTP API in India

SMS integration into the websites is gaining quick popularity in India. Due to the steep growth rate of the consumer market, and high buying capacity of the urban and sub-urban population with the knowledge of computers and internet, SMS integration into websites is becoming an effective method for communicating with the customers to update them with shipment, status of the order, etc. Now you can integrate bulk SMS into website and avail all the benefits through our services that will also cost you reasonable enough.

buk sms api

Bulk SMS API Integration Service in India

HTTP SMS API for Promotional & Transactional SMS:

Some of the key features of our services include the following:

  1. We offer a range of protocols to be connected with the SMSC’s.
  2. Send your SMS with your own Sender ID, which looks like LM-SMSTXT
  3. Get your SMS delivered in matter of seconds
  4. Send SMS to DND enabled customers with our Transactions SMS gateway
  5. Our API platform is easy to integrate on any platform.
  6. Our SMS gateway supports text messages, Unicode messages and flash messages.
  7. We offer complete reports that will store every record and data of the sent texts; recipient list and SMS purchase history, so that you can seamlessly work with your promotional process.

The HTTP Call can be performed in any platform ranging from PHP, Java, asp.net, C#, etc,. We are one of the leading SMS integration service providers in India with the application of our cutting edge technology and experience. we have made the process of SMS API integration with your website or App simple and seamless. We integrate bulk SMS into website that takes minimum load time and provides maximum user satisfaction. Our service spans not only to the websites, but we also cover other applications.