Bulk SMS Service For Stock Brokers

Stock Brokers

Bulk SMS Service For Stock Brokers

One of India’s most liable to change rapidly and unpredictable industries is the stock market. News, analysis and movements have to be kept track of every single minute. Indian Stock brokers have to provide constant guidance & tips to the investors below the line.

Stock Markets are expected to change anytime and investors have to act instantly by buying on ‘dips’ and selling on ‘highs’ based on the tips from Stock Brokers, to get the profit.

Customers have to be very clear up to the minute about each and every aspect of investments, stock options, stock trading, company, shares dividend & types of shares, debentures, securities, mutual funds and so much more! With almost all customers connected to mobiles all the time rather than the internet, SMS is the best way to serve them and with our High Priority transactional SMS service it just got easier than ever.

Uses of SMS Service in Stock Market:

  • Sending Intra-Day Buying & Selling tips to clients instantly via Transactional SMS
  • Communicate Market updates 24 hrs a day (Pre Market, Market Hours & Post Market)
  • Inform about upcoming IPO Updates to registered clients
  • Informing all clients about best practices in trading as a value added service(VAS)
  • Sending Stock Specific information (New Stocks to watch for and risky stocks)
  • Use Long Code Service for users to Register for Free through SMS

We at SmsHorizon serve stock brokers and financial firms to send timely updates regarding latest market fluctuation to their esteemed clients. We know that the speed of sms delivery is important for you and so we strive hard to make sure your super critical sms reaches your clients in matter of seconds. Most of our SMS gets delivered within 5 seconds or less. Contact us to get a free Trial Account and start sending sms within a minute from now. Call +91-8870-522-522 for any Queries.

You can also take the package right away. For SMS Packages and Pricing, Visit: http://www.smshorizon.in/pricing.html