Difference Between Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS

Major Differences between Transactional & Promotional SMS:

  • Sms to DND enabled numbers are allowed in Transactional Route; not allowed in Promotional.
  • Transactional Route is active 24/7; Promotional route is active only between 9Am-9Pm.
  • Transactional SMS are Template Based, Promotional sms are non-template based.
  • Any Commercial advertising via transactional sms would lead to legal penalty; All promotions are allowed in Promotional Route only.
  • DND Undertaking Documentation Required for Transactional Route; No documentation Required for Promotional Route
  • Branded Sender ID available on all packages in transactional SMS Route; Branded Sender ID available only on 10,000 SMS or higher packages in promotional Route and for Limited time. By Default, Promotional sms goes through Numeric Sender ID. Eg: LM-267326

Promotional SMS Samples:

  1. Get Flat 10% Off on Hotel Booking, Same has been updated on the portal. Login now and start booking !
  2. Free EMI Processing Fee,  Book your Apartment today for Just 1,00,000 INR and pay rest through easy installments. Contact XXXYYY

Transactional SMS Samples (Needs Approval):

  1. Dear Parent, Your Child/Ward attendance in the class is not upto the mark. Hence, you are requested to meet our Director #Variable# ASAP.
  2. Dear #Variable#, Thanks for your enquiry!! We keep in touch with you ASAP. Kindly check your Email ID for more information. Have a nice day. If it’s urgent call #Variable# or mail to #Variable#
  3. Dear #variable#, your payment for the month of #Variable# with amount #Variable# is pending.

Note: #Variable# mentioned above can be replaced as you wish.

So how to choose which route you need? – Its pretty simple, if you’re promoting something, choose Promotional Route; If you want to send some important alert or reminder sms, choose Transactional SMS Route.