How SMS Can Make Your Election Campaign a ‘Big Success’

Election campaigns in India involves a campaign team with inspired individual and high resourced people to communicate the message of campaign to people. The expenditure on social media by political parties has been estimated to be around R.500 Crores. In view of this, the election commission announced that they would be keeping tabs on the expenditure on social media by political parties and candidates. A campaign plan is a formal strategy adopted that takes account of a campaign’s goal, message, and targeted people with resources available.

Election Campaign Advertising:


How SMS Can Make Your Election Campaign a ‘Big Success’

Campaign advertising is generally done using a paid media such as newspapers, radio, television, etc. Any campaign is done to influence the decisions made for and by the group. Apart from these holding protests, mass meetings, rallies may be used as campaign tool. Among all these for a developing country like India, something done related to or mingled with technology will be of more luring and capturing.

Internet marketing has been a part of modern political campaigning as internet being the core element at this generation. A way ahead to this is SMS marketing, which is a best marketing tool used in most of the industries. This will enable faster communication and deliver messages to a large audience. Signifying this SMS marketing as a campaign tool for politics will be incredibly successful at reaching the younger populations who stick to technological developments.

Best ways to use SMS for Election Campaign:

  • Sending voting day reminders along with their voting locations
  • Alerts to the supporters or volunteers about rallies, campaign events, meetings etc.
  • Making anticipated announcements to the volunteers that will help them work actively.
  • An image of the flyers or images will help the public remind it until the election, as these are stored in their mobile phones.
  • Motivational messages will always bring a feel of trust and this can be done via SMS
  • A voice SMS message to the voters and volunteers will give a personal touch for vote appeal.

Enjoy triumph by SMS Marketing:

The key to win any position rely upon good communication tool. This is done by SMS Marketing, knowing the importance of mobile that is part and parcel of everyone’s life. Give an edge to the opponents by the new technological campaign trail taken and also making people look ahead for this new strategy handled. This method reaches a large group of people at instant time and most importantly cost effective. SMS will be the only appropriate and reliable tool to be adopted to provide best results.

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